SAMPLE 1: The symbol embodies Donte's connection to his roots and his commitment to staying grounded by drawing inspiration from his upbringing. The font is styled to mirror Villanova and the "Daredevil" double D, signifying his initials, his fiery red hair, and his resilient spirit. The symbol at the core is symmetrical and centered, with the letter "I" providing balance, and being the number "1" of his Villanova jersey.
The diamond that surrounds the core "D10" symbol signifies Donte's home state of Delaware, taking inspiration from its state flag. Delaware is also known as "The Diamond State" (Thomas Jefferson gave this nickname to Delaware, according to legend, because he described Delaware as a "jewel" among states due to its strategic location on the Eastern Seaboard). 
Most importantly, the diamond represents Donte's family.
Here are some examples of how versatile the logo can be and how the different elements can be used.
SAMPLE 2: Layered D10 symbol inside a smaller diamond. There are now 2 D's for the middle element, the black outline and the white inside D.
SAMPLE 03: Revised layered "D". The diamond is now at the heart of the symbol.
SAMPLE 4: 2 D's stacked with 10 in the middle.
WORDMARK of one of Donte's nicknames. 
1. In Taoism, the power through which the Tao is made manifests or is actualized.
2. In Confucianism, virtuous moral strength is embodied in wise people, upon which they rely in times of distress.
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