Color Samples
Other Colour Options:
The main components that we can add colour to are the inside and outside triangles, the droplet and the text. As you can see, it's very flexible so you can even tailor it to fit the background, textile, website, school/organization/athlete colours or even season (ie. xmas, valentines, st patty's day). 
The droplet in blue signifies 'sweat' but changing the colour can work with slogans or ad campaigns as well. Red can fit a "blood, sweat and tears" slogan and yellow/orange can fit a slogan like "Get fired up!". These are just super quick examples.
And, if you ever need any help changing the colour scheme, just let us know and we can easily change it around.
Sample 1

- The double "A" idea that mirrors "Active & Adaptable" in the SWEAT acronym.
- water/sweat droplet in the middle of the logo
- the shape is symmetrical and balanced
- logo looks like a summer or sports camp badge geared to schools/students

Rounded out the edges and the sweat drop and increased line thickness

Sample 2

- geometric design / 2 triangles mirrors the 2 A's
- shape is open, stable and ready
- shape is also symmetrical and balanced in a 3d space
Sample 3

- The letter A / symmetrical cone with a sweat droplet
- branded like a badge as well
- the shape is asymmetrical but still balanced

Thickened the lines so it doesn't look like a pin prick