Project Proposal:
Promotional Video for TMU's Women In The House Program
Dear Faima,
Thank you so much for your consideration. We would absolutely love to help promote such a great initiative! 
After emailing and speaking with you, as well as looking through the program's TMU info page, here are our initial thoughts:

The video will showcase the program's impact, success stories, and encourage participation.
- Raise awareness about the Women In The House program and its mission.
- Highlight success stories of past participants.
- Inspire potential participants to join the program.
Content and Approach:
The 4-5 minute main video will be a short, cinematic documentary-style, video that will include:
a) Introduction to the program.
b) 5 interviews with 5 participants.
c) Showcasing mentorship and workshops.
d) Highlighting the empowering community.
e) Offer a glimpse into their futures and how they can best continue their careers in public service.
f) Contact current female elected officials for interviews of encouragement and inspiration.

30-60 second edited reels formatted for social media will be highlights and important points from the main video as well as some additional content from information that may have been cut from the main video.
Estimated Budget:
Approximately $800 per interview (5 planned participants). 
This includes pre-production meetings, location scouting, filming half-day (4-5 hours) rate, filming b-roll, editing, all audio-visual equipment necessary,  and 2 revisions.
*full day (8-12 hours) rate for filming will be a bit more*

Total estimate: $4000 + HST
We are always open to working within the project budget so please do not hesitate to contact me anytime and we'll be happy to try and work something out with you.

My contact info is:
Mobile: 416-732-8200 (call or text anytime)
Here are some examples of how we'd like the interviews to look. (factors that would contribute to this look include location and hair and makeup)
Here are other example videos for inspiration.
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